Monday, May 28, 2007

Bertie Ahern and George Bush, Republicans in Harmony

So our Irish liberal commentators think it all right to think that George Bush is not the real leader of the wonderful US of A. Why? Because he did not win the popular vote. Would these commentators like to check the popular vote gained by our new Duce's party? Word tsunami Fintan O'Toole, to be fair, has mentioned it.

It may seem incredible, but Bertie's crowd did not win the popular vote. I know, I know they won the seats. Go tell the republicans (american).

Don't forget all those voters disenfranchised by the wholesale cleaning of the electoral register. The Last Word is hammering this point. Something similar happened over the pond, I seem to recall.

None of this should be taken as an endorsement of the Mayo Mannequin.

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