Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bertie Ahern and Charlie Haughey Ride Again (Leader's Questions)

our political cute hoor writes..
Yes, history does repeat itself. The following is verbatim from Emigrant Online, November 1991.

It all started on Wednesday evening, immediately after the Taoiseach had put in a fighting performance in the Dail. He apparently succeeded in fielding all the accusations made against him and went onto the attack against his accusers. It wasn't enough for Kildare TD Sean Power. He lodged a motion of "no confidence" in Mr Haughey as leader of the Fianna Fail party. Mr Power is one of the younger FF TDs and a member of what has become known as the "gang of four" who issued a statement criticising Mr Haughey a few weeks ago. He was not impressed with the Taoiseach's performance in the Dail and wanted an end to all the dirt that has been flying around.
Any Fianna Fail TD who was interviewed put a brave face on the matter. Mr Haughey's supporters welcomed the opportunity to settle the matter once and for all. Those who said they would vote for the motion had a similar view, but expected a change in the party leadership.
Things began to move swiftly after that. Bertie Ahern pledged his allegiance to the Taoiseach, as did Michael Woods. Brian Lenihan, who is no longer a Minister, also expressed his support. Padraig Flynn hedged his bets and Albert Reynolds lay low. There were arguments about whether the vote should be open or private and whether or not senators and MEPs should participate. John Wilson, Rory O'Hanlon, Gerry Collins and Ray Burke were other Ministers who came out in support of Mr Haughey without any undue delay. Most commentators felt that Mr Haughey was going to survive yet again.

Here we go again, looking forward to wednesday!

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