Monday, March 31, 2008

Bertie Ahern on Religion, Poles and Money

from our political cute hoor (a kerry national, so he is)

We are eternally grateful to Council on Foreign Relations' website for the following extract. It is part of Bertie's answer to a question from Andrzej Dobrowolski - Polish Daily News during a Q&A (dated March 2007 - nothing changes).

"But the Polish workers are great, they're excellent. They create no problems whatsoever. In fact, in my own constituency there's a few of the Catholic churches are doing very well at the fact that - (interrupted by laughter) - because they're very good churchgoers, and they pay up on Sunday, so."

Surely there is no greater distillation of Bertie Ahern's attitude to religion, immigration and money. The connection between church-going and money is surely very tellling.

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Caoimhin said...

Yes, that does really show our Bertie for who he is!