Thursday, April 24, 2008

Enda Kenny - 'Fine Gael Brought Empire to it's knees'

from gansaigorm in Baby Hannah's;

FG Fuhrer Enda Kenny, in his latest speech regarding the Lisbon Treaty (24th April) has taken to a bit of history re-writing. It appears that Michael Collins, and only Michael Collins, was not only responsible for Easter 1916, he also brought the British Empire to it's knees. I quote directly;

'The phone lines had been dead for two hours and the nerve centre of British rule in Ireland was cut off.
Revolution was not just in the air, but was on the streets.
The confused citizens of Dublin did not know it, but the Irish Republic that had just been declared. This was part of a chain of political events that would see the great European empires fall like ninepins within a few short years - Ottoman, Russian, Austro Hungarian, German - until Michael Collins would bring the British Empire if not to its senses then certainly to its knees.'

No, I didn't read the rest of the speech. You can read it, if you wish, here.

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