Thursday, May 01, 2008

Bertie at Peace, Ireland at Peace

from jono at sevenhogs;

So Bertie says 'Ireland is at peace'. And who are we to argue? Bertie Ahern is easy meat for bloglanders, including us here in the kingdom, but we must face facts. Of course I am only referring to the 'peace' now obtaining in Ireland and not giving Bertie all or any credit for ending 'the troubles'.

After all, many bloglanders were not not even stains on their father's trousers in 1977, never mind 1987. I don't wish to think of 10 year-old bloglanders.

Just read these stats (and please don't tell me they are incorrect - there are many ways to collate these figures).

Annual Killings by Military and Paramilitary Groups (1969-2001)
1977-78 192 deaths
1987-88 202 deaths
1997-98 77 deaths

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