Saturday, June 28, 2008

Haulbowline - What's De Problem?

The New Shamrock

All John Gormley has to do is have a word with poor old Michael Martin. Why, only in 2006, Michael announced a fantastic future for the radioactive island. Among other visions Michael had was this “This 44 acre site has the potential to be the most attractive waterside site in Europe. Haulbowline has unique attractions". I suppose radioactive soil would be unique. Don't believe me? Go to this page.

And as for ISPAT? Why their webpage is proud to boast the following; "IIL (Ispat) believes that its presence should add to the physical beauty of the surroundings of the town. Therefore, it has taken upon itself, the beautification of public spaces with the concurrence of the local administration." True, But not in Cork.

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Anonymous said...

The so called "Radioactive" has been sitting the past Fifty Years.
Has it affected anybody yet?
Are the Navy Personnel walking around with two heads or missing limbs?
It's all a media leak so that the contractors' can't bleed the country out of 30 to 50 million euro to so call "clean up" the environment. As if they really care, the only thing that goes into their heads is euro signs.