Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gerry Ryan, Ray D'Arcy or Rick O'Shea

God, it cannot be true. There I was checking out Damo Mulley and I find he listens to RTE2 or Today in the mornings. And that he considers Rick O'Shea a good listen.

Jesus preserve me. Breathe deep breaths.

At least he doesn't mention Pat Kenny or teacher's pet swot and know-all Myles Dungan.

If you must listen to the radio, get Lyric. John Kenny may be patronising, but at least you get music.

Maybe it's an age thing. God bless XMRadio, NPR, BLEEP, LastFM , Rhapsody and on and on.....


Andrew said...

Thing is, Mulley and loads of other bloggers know Rick quite well personally so they're obviously gonna say nice things about him. He and Mulley are good mates. I've met Rick and he really isa top guy but I'd still take Ray D'Arcy's show over his.

kerryview said...

thnx Andrew,I'm sure Rick is a nice guy, and likewise that there is a certain community - nothing wrong with that. It just sorta feels like an rte chatshow - you know the type, Dunphy interviews his mates.