Thursday, July 03, 2008

Not Spelling Champion

from seanie in the White Sands;
I am indebted to Grogg at Flickr for the above pic. Now I have nothing against itinerants, but what are itenerants? It's a big headline, dated April this year. If you need to know the latest news (if this is 9th September 2005) go to the online edition of the Clare Champion.
Do check out Grogg.

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Anonymous said...

a correction is in order. I quote grogg, "Sorry. Forgot to get back to this one. The spelling is wrong for sure but that was intended. There seems to be a law in Ireland that does not allow articles to be written in the Irish press that might discriminate against itinerants. I altered the spelling just to follow that factor. This photo is not here to offend the community but its just there to reflect the choice of the caravan that our family picked to purchase. It's a classic example of a model used by the itinerant groups in Ireland. That combined with Luika eating lots of chocolate for brekky which I thought was funny. The main article is completely photoshopped by myself. The Clare Champion has nothing to do with this article, I simply used this paper for my personal efforts."
but the Clare Champ's site IS out of date.