Thursday, July 17, 2008

Recession Diet

from seanie mor sa snug san blasket;

Neither of the twin Bs, Brian Cowen nor Brian Lenihan can bring themselves to admit it. Recession. It's a national emergency. As bad as the 80's? My ass - we're headed for the 50's (18 or 19, take your pick). Many of our celtic cubs may soon have to change their food choices, and here we offer up some old Irish reliables. It was good enough for us.

Goody for breakfast
Marietta sandwiches (butter or marg) for mid-day or school
Sugar sandwiches - as previous
Tomato (squashy) sandwiches - as previous
Banana (squashy) sandwiches - as previous
Galtee cheese -tea time
Red Lemonade -a treat
Red Lemonade in a glass with ice cream - Sunday
Kimberley biscuits for a treat
Angel Delight - Sunday
Brawn sandwiches - Thursday
Bacon & Cabbage - guess
Jelly - Sunday
Crisps (or crips) Tayto, or if in the pub with your old man, King
A One and One (fish & chips) - Friday
Arctic Roll - Sunday
Baked Alaska - Sunday
Spuds, Spuds, Spuds

I look forward to my local M&S or Superquinn stocking up on these items.


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Arctic roll!!! - I haven't been allowed Arctic Roll for years .......

kerryview said...

ahh so you have a recession there too.....similar diet I suspect

Kate said...

Where I ask is the soda bread in that list? My Mum and Dad used to feed us all on that Sunday breakfast!! Yummy!

I'm looking for the recipe - lost my Mum last year and can't find it in her books - do you know where I can get it?

kerryview said...

no probs Kate - I do the baking here! I'll get the recipe to you shortly! rushing out....

Kate said...

Thank you so much!!!