Sunday, September 27, 2009

Are These Lisbon Prices?

I was reading dear old Grandad's piece on the price of things in France and decided to pull out my recent wine and coffee purchases in France.

First off, you can see it's SUPER U, so we know where we stand - an ordinary supermarket - not a wine warehouse. Of course all the oenophiles among you will no doubt be putting their noses in the air, but so what. It's wine for drinking with me dindins.

23 bottles for €87.62. Not bad.
17.25 Litres for €87.62

Click the receipt to see all the sordid personal details of my drinking habits.

Common Taxes. Common Prices. Common Shite.

I'm still voting yes - well where else but Europe can I get such good prices?


Grandad said...

Those prices would be enough to make you cry into your pint. I'm surprised they don't give the price in French Francs? Most of the receipts we go still proudly declared the Franc!

Kate said...

Your drinking habits look fine and dandy to me! And I don't blame you!!