Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bertie Tells Time Magazine, "It's the Media"

from seanie in the bar at beaufort golf club;

Read the lastest from Time magazine - an interview with President-elect Mr. Bertie Ahern.
Former Ireland Prime Minister Bertie Ahern

It's the media. It's all the media. Fianna Fail and Bertie believe it's all the media's fault. A direct lift from the article;

"You seem to blame the media for your decision to quit as Taoiseach.

Yes, they just kept after me. Even when things were getting serious with the economy, they just kept on my back. I would have [left office] this year anyway. I thought at the end public opinion would be fed up with the tribunal and fed up with me. It just goes on and on. You're asked questions like 'do you not remember well going into a bank on 23rd September 1993?' and eight hours later you're thinking 'Jesus did I go into the bank on 23rd September 1993?'"
And again;

"It looked like a success story, and then the recession came.

Did we make mistakes? Of course we did. The property boom got too big, the banks borrowed too much. Our regulation system, and we all have to take responsibility for this, wasn't picking up everything it should. When I tried to bring in a property tax, the media killed me. Then the media killed me saying I didn't bring in the solutions. I am sorry so many people have lost jobs."

Of course the media hounded poor John O'Donoghue out of office.

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