Sunday, October 18, 2009

Not Irish Jokes

from agnes in the tankard;

So they are telling Irish jokes in British jails? My god, what new torture is this. Who would have thought.

There is nothing as good as hearing things straight from the drinker's gob. Enjoying a stiff one yesterday in the Tankard with Seanie and Paudie, the conversation drifted into reminiscing. Always happens after a few pints and the odd B&P.

D'ye remember auld Payter? Back in Causeway? Remember the time a Yank stopped outside Jones' supermarket ? He asked Payter "Can you tell me the way to Ratoo Tower?"
"Go out the road, turn left at the Doctor's house and away with ye", was the swift reply.

Or what about the directions given to a poor German, stuck in Fenit and wanting to get to the Bus station in Tralee (8 miles, not a very simple route). "Go back the road till you meet Connie Nolan's garage, turn right and it's ahead of you." Check yahoo maps to see if the German made it.

It's all true - not meant to be laugh out loud. The pub, the pub.

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