Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vintner's Victory

Thumbs Up from Jackie and Fan

from seanie in tatler jacks;

So where is the Drink-Driving Limit bill now? Gone. Lily-livered Brian Cowen can't even bring this bill in. At least we can now legally piss this countries future up against the wall.

We have been listing TD's clinics/pubs see Drink Limit tag). Surely there can be no connection with Clinics/Advice Centres and the kicking to touch of the bill? To quote one TD (no stranger to a pub himself) "I was going to vote against this even if the Government came down tomorrow, it's the poor fella that calls in for a pint and a half on the way home from the likes of Castleisland or Kenmare Mart, that's who I'm looking out for." Jackie Healy-Rae in the Kerryman.

Don't get me wrong. I'm happy that the drink-driving limit has not been changed. Life in rural Ireland has enough threats to it. It's weak, non-principled useless TDs that drive me to drink.


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