Friday, January 29, 2010

Suicide is Cheaper than Death by Car Crash

I make no apologies

from stockie in spillanes in the maharees;

This country really needs a shake-up. Take driving (you could take smoking if you wish - see grandad). We can't drink, phone, speed, go slow. We pay road tax, VRT, VAT, duty and god knows what else. We have insurance, NCT tests.
We have the RSA, the Road Safety Authority.

How many deaths on the roads in 2008?


How much did we spend on the RSA?


Road safety is easy. And it is a revenue earner - big big time revenue earner for the lazy state.

Let's look at suicide. Here we have NOSP - National Office for Suicide Prevention. You will note that this is an Office. Not an Authority.

How many (known) suicides in 2008?


How much did we spend on the NOSP?


Either we put the NOSP in charge of road safety and save both both money and lives, or we just leave Gaybo alone. In any case I will be accused of playing with figures and not understanding the complexity of the situation.

I don't give a flying fuck. People, especially men, are killing themselves. On a grand scale.

But there is no financial return in investment in suicide prevention. It's also not sexy.

In the meantime rural pubs are dying. Customers are kiling themselves. All very dramatic.

Depression is a cruel master.


zedeportugal said...

By the way:

Kerryview said...

Thank you!!

I just had to post it, with thanks to you.

They will never get us!

Anonymous said...

I like your blob, and this is an interesting post. But... The photo makes me wince. Maybe I'm being oversensitive. Is this particular pic necessary?

Kerryview said...

>blackwatertown I did think twice about the pic. But then it's a bit of an arms race when major media publish horrific pics/vids from places such as Haiti.
I feel strongly about suicide and the almost ostrich like attitude of the state. It seems the church and schools at times almost condone the act of suicide when one witnesses some of the services undertaken at young people's funerals.
Thank you for your comment - makes me think about the topic a bit more.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough.
And you're right about some of the intrusive pics from Haiti - one of a seemingly disconcerted naked woman just having given birth, with the pleased international helpers beaming over her torso. Striking picture, but would it have been so awful to give her a second to get a blanket (or even hold her own baby)?
And er... when I said blob, I meant, obviously, something else.

kerryview said...

> black. No, I think blob is as good a word as any.