Thursday, February 25, 2010

Irish Blog Awards - Not Nominated

from agnes in tadhgeen prendiville's castleisland;

It came to my attention from twitter the the 2010 Irish Blog Award nominations have been published.

How big is the list ? About 1,200 nominations. How many Sponsors? Around 17.

Now far be it from me to cast asparagus at the good guys behind the awards, but that's a lot of nominations. It means a lot of traffic to someone. It means a lot of inter-communication and, dare I say it, networking, business networking that is. As I say, I do not wish to cast asparagus.

You may say we are peeved not to be nominated. Of course it would be nice to be nominated- if it meant anything other than a business proposition for some. This particular blog of ours is really crap compared with many - we know that, it's not a problem for us. For many a flower is born to blush unseen.

Better outside pissing in than inside pissing on each other.

All the best to the nominees and may the best blogs win - we really mean the best blogs.

Come on Grandad.


Alan in Belfast said...

Was nothing to stop you nominating yourself! Good luck next year!

kerryview said...

thnx Alan in Belfast! maybe that's why there are 1200 entries- they nominated themselves! (or each other). Never thought of it, being from Kerry......

Grandad said...

"This particular blog of ours is really crap compares with many"

I could name one or two blogs that are really crap, yet they seem to win prizes. Heh!

I hope you ain't relying on me as a standard bearer? I'm only going there for the booze. No other reason.

kerryview said...

Grandad have a great time in Galawy - have a black bush on me. I'll be thinking of you. Imagine the ceremony - everyone tweeting at the same time - will anyone actually TALK to another human present at the bash? said...

Well, my blog was nominated and I didn't know about it until I saw the hits in my stats and wondered WTF is going on here...I won't be in Galway for the caper, I'll be in San Francisco or maybe Mexico. But KV, let me know if there's any sign of a revolution and I'll be back pronto.

Having buckets of Kerry blood in me and a Clare head, I never thought of nominating myself...Like, I'm only in the Arts and Culture section...I could have been in a rake of them...

If I get the nod, I'll share it with KV, home of my people.

Kerryview said...

congrats Eddie! So if you win they will be able to say "Unfortunately Eddie can't be here"

have a great trip

King Dumb said...

what about we organise the Kerry Bog.. ahem sorry Blog Awards ?