Sunday, February 14, 2010

Northern Ireland, Who Cares?

from seanie at the bar in freddies, caherdaniel;

Ulster's Funny Stuff is a podcast available from the BBC. It is also surely an oxymoron. I have not downloaded it but I'm sure it's a very short piece.

Irish Unity on the Agenda? Who is Sinn Fein kidding? No-one in the 'South' gives a toss or cares about the 'North'. Unless of course 'Southerners' go up to stock up on Dutch Gold or whatever it is plebeians drink nowadays.

But if the 'North' did not exist, then of course Sainsbury's would not be there.

So there you have it. Ulster's Funny Stuff will be on show in London on 20th February 2010.


ian said...

Ah Seanie, you should get off the barstool. Did you never see James Young when you were a wee boy?

Kerryview said...

>Ian. Ah yes, all the greats, Jimmy Young, May McFettridge...The one one thing I do respect and admire is a Black Bush....

ian said...

Looking back, you'd wonder how Jimmy got away with some of the stuff - did people just not realize what was being said?

Growing up in England, I used to hear stories of Max Miller; he got away with outrageous material for the time.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean you're not an admirer of Gerry Anderson, the man from Stroke City?

Here, you've reminded me - Frank Carson used to come into a place I worked - I was a cashier in a bank in Belfast city centre, first proper job. So one day he comes up to the cashier next to me. She was pregnant.
Says Frank: "When's the happy day, love?"
Says she, smiling sweetly: "Oh Frank, that was months ago."
He scooted out of their as quickly as possible with a scowl on his face. Didn't like anyone being funnier than he was. (Which wasn't difficult.)