Saturday, March 06, 2010

Young Women Die, So What

bloody cross 2, originally uploaded by Jo Naylor.

from agnes in ashes camp;

We now have the hand-wringing circus surrounding the death of Tracey Fay. It will go on for a few days, Liveline, weekend supplements, Sunday articles tv and radio talking heads.

So what.

Bridget Cleary, 26, dead. Burnt by her family. 1895
Anne Lovvett, 15, dead. Giving birth beside a grotto. 1984
Mariora Rostas, 19, dead. Raped and murdered. 2010
X case, 14, alive (?). Raped, miscarried. 1992
Hazel Mullen, 16, dead. Strangled, dismembered, boiled, by Shan Mohangi. 1963
Bridie Gargan, 27, dead. Bludgeoned to death by Malcom McArthur. 1982
Baiba Saulite, 27, dead. Shot. 2006
Raonaid Murray, 17, dead. Stabbed. 1999

The list goes on and on. Oh I know you will say there are women killers. Of course there are, but that's not the point, is it?

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