Thursday, March 11, 2010

Losing a Son

from the editor at his desk;

What a day. Death is in the air. Every sight and every sound.

Bridie Dwyer lost a son. Also by suicide. He was tormented because of the actions of one Bill Carney. See Newstalk and BBC. She carries on with such strength. She is an individual.

Marie Osmond loses a son. One day after her son's funeral, she does a stage show with Donny. I cannot make any rational comment on this. We are all individuals. We are part of society.

I lost a son. Today is his anniversary. He was eight in 1993. Only son. Only child.

People shouting in the dail. Resignation. Off with his head. Off with her head. They shouted last year, ten years ago, twenty even. People shouting on the radio. Banks. Jail them. Tax them. People in safe jobs want more money. Shout it out. Pensioners with gas bills. Talk to Duffy. Let's drink on Good Friday. Let's not drink. Shout it out.

This country is, and nearly always was, a self-serving, I'm all right community.

If as much energy was expended in making this country a good place to leave to our chldren as is spent on arguing and fighting one's corner, then we would reap the rewards.

Shout it out. It only works if we all shout together. But we won't.

We are all individuals.

You must learn to cry before you can see.


zedeportugal said...

I think there is nothing anyone can say that relieves the pain of loosing a child, an only child.
Still, as a father of 3 daughters I can't avoid to express my deepest condolences for your loss.

I don't know if you are a believer, but that is surely one huge reason to be one: that God the Father, himself, lost his only and beloved Son, and He can understand your pain.

kerryview said...

>zed not a believer in god, no. but thank you for your comments. much appreciated.