Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Household Charge - Just and Necessary

Household charge €100, Consultant p.a. €200,000 (as if) Job Seeker €188

from Seanie in the Tankard;

There I was contemplating the creamy head on my pint when a vision appeared to me, just like at Lourdes.

What does €100 mean to a person's weekly income? See above.

Sure it's only €100, everyone can manage that. Why it's only a night out. It's what the country needs right now. Maybe you could get a loan from the bank and pay the €100 charge over the counter at your local (as if) Post Office.

Just sayin.


Ian said...


I was in Lourdes last year, but didn't see any visions on account of being a Protestant, I did, however, enjoy a very fine glass of Leffe with my lunch and in my contemplations realized that the French would have rioted if they had been treated as we have been.

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