Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Were have I been?

June 2010 was the last post. The chap above is the reason for the long delay.


Grandad said...

As the old man said - "There but for the grace of Roche go I".

I hope the bugger has been dumped in the wild Atlantic and that nearly normal service may soon be resumed?

Kerry said...

Great to see you are still here, hard to put down a cranky old fart.

Ian Poulton said...

I'm glad you are back. I thought you had just decided the blogging was not worth the effort.

Having struggled with the black dog since childhood, I can understand disappearing.

I must reinstate your link in my blogroll.

Grandad said...

Ian - You removed him from your list?

Oh, ye of little faith!

Kerry - With the emigration and all, soon it will only be the cranky old farts left. 'Tis great to see you back anyway.

[Bugger! Now I have to fight with that damned captcha thing again]

Ian Poulton said...

The Kildareshire Observer (incorporating The Kildrought Vindicator) has also just returned after a two year absence - I commented there that both of you returning in a week could be as portentous as the meeting of the States General in 1789

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