Sunday, December 02, 2012

Irish Times - The Story of Why, oh Why?

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from paudi in the munster bar,

This must surely be a new record for the Irish Times. How many typos can you count in the above sub-head?

Sure Ireland the best little country's in the world. According to Weekend Review, page 2 of the Irish Times dated 1st December 2012.


Grandad said...

But maybe not if my Declan Kidney is what?

Kerry said...

Now you are trying to confuse me even more!

Some context -

Grandad said...

I think their just trying to be too clever for they're own good? said...

god spare ye the health.

We was worried about ye above in Clare cause we couldn't rise ye on the twitter machine and our queries to others in the Kingdom went unreplied.

But anyways, as the fella said, and in all fairness, we're delighted to see ye're still working in blogland...and like oursellls, we haven't done a blessed thing in months

zedeportugal said...

Allow me to manifest my huge surprise for Ireland's being at the last place (of the catholic countries, of course) on this one:

Why? ;)

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