Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bertie Ahern - How The World Sees It

from our meejia correspondent at his desk in krugers

Before we start writing a new history of the Bertie Ahern years, we should take stock of the views of other nations at this time. Check out the following - which headline mentions The North, Statesman, The Unifier?

Los Angeles Times
The long-ruling prime minister, dogged by allegations of financial impropriety, will step down next month.,

Boston Globe
Irish prime minister Ahern resigning amid finance probe

Akron Beacon Journal
Ireland's premier to resign in wake of scandal
Ahern denies allegations of corruption, but says criticisms have taken toll

Turkish Daily News
Irish PM to quit over scandal

Sydney Morning Herald
Ahern to step down amid investigation

Times of India
DUBLIN: Bertie Ahern, who helped deliver peace in Northern Ireland, will step down as Ireland's Prime Minister on May 6, to fight allegations of corruption that have dogged his final term in office.

International Herald Tribune
Irish leader quitting amid graft inquiry

The Standard, Hong Kong
Irish PM falls to scandal

The Jerusalem Post
Irish prime minister resigns over cash-payment scandal

Toronto Star
Irish prime minister resigns in midst of corruption probe

Of course, there is another view (although it's local)
ShowBiz Ireland
Don't Go Bertie - We Love Ya!

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