Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Bertie Aherns suffers the O'Malley Curse

from our political editor;

So the curse of the O'Malley clan is still working. It must surely be Fiona O'Malley's comments last week that precipitated Bertie Ahern's resignation. The family genes are very, very strong. Read the following extract, written in January 1993! (with grateful thanks to the Irish Emigrant).

"It was another dirty week in Irish politics with claims of wrongdoing and counter claims of innuendo and slander. As Fianna Fail and Labour continued their attempts to form a Government, Des O'Malley dropped a bombshell which it was thought might scupper the negotiations. He made serious allegations against Fianna Fail and the State's legal team at the Beef Tribunal. His claims have not yet been proved or disproved but it still looks as if we will have a Fianna Fail/Labour coalition by Tuesday, with Albert Reynolds continuing as Taoiseach."

Incidentally, Fiona O'Malley's website still claims Michael McDowell as party leader - see the pic above downloaded today. Good to see the Progressive democrats being so progessive.

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