Monday, April 21, 2008

Bertie on Sky

from Sean Ban who saw it on de plasma at de local;

Surely the most disgraceful views ever uttered by Bertie Ahern were to be heard with Bertie's interview on Sky News. If you were not Irish you would think;

a) The tribunal is merely a "row between 2 developers"
b) The legislation governing the Tribunal is "1921 legislation"
c) The tribunal is having "fun and games" with his personal finances
d) Princess Diana was obviously a friend of Bertie, he referred to her as "Di"
e) And guess what Bertie called a "load of nonsense".

This from the man who claimed to have set up the Mahon Tribunal (even if he wasn't born in 1921).

You can hear it all courtesy of RTE.

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