Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Green Party - Domestic Rates by the Back Door

It was all right when I left it.....

from mags at the Lantern;
Fianna Fail are beginning to use their puppy dogs. Mary Harney (PD) is tied up in Health, and now the Green Party are all set to used as a tool to re-introduce local domestic rates.

Don't believe me? I quote directly; "Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government John Gormley TD has announced a programme to bring about one of the largest reforms ever to occur in how local government works in Ireland", from a press release of today - Local Government Reform.

And if you give responsibilities to local authorities and lords mayor, you must give them the means to raise funds i.e. domestic rates.

The Greens are using the Lord Mayor of London as an example. I presume John Gormley has heard of the Council Tax (domestic rates).

And what of Fine Gael? Again I quote, "Fine Gael's Environment Spokesman, Phil Hogan TD, today (Wednesday) said the publication of the Dublin Transport Authority Bill has shown that Fianna Fail has no intention of putting transport and planning matters in the hands of a new powerful, directly elected Mayor of Dublin, despite calls from the Green Party." Waffle. Isn't Brian Cowen a lucky boy just now.

The rates they are a comin.

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