Monday, April 14, 2008

Brave Gormley Tweaks Chinese Dragon's Nose

from our marine corr at Spillane's;

Oh brave words, John Gormley. Speak out about Tibet! And to those other idiots who wish Ireland to boycott the Chinese Olympics - grow up. While the Greens and other liberals fulminate against Chinese wrong-doing, what are our politicians and business people doing ? We all know that money and power drive politicians, why deceive ourselves? And indeed one can see Fianna Fail letting their pet poodle have his bark. It is very easy to find out (do your own research);

Michael Martin, 2007
"China, the most vibrant and discerning market in the world, will continue to be a key target for Irish companies. And let the record show, that this, our Cork International Conference on China in the 21st Century marked a renewed impetus in the relationship between our two countries."

RTE news 2008
Investec Ireland invests $3.8m in Chinese firm

Our wonderful President McAleese 2003
"It is evident that China is coming into its own, alongside the European Union and North America as one of the three great economic regions of the world. The globalisation of business, spurred by trade liberalisation and advances in information technologies has, in many respects, removed distance as an impediment to trade. But, beyond that, Ireland , for all its small size, has a special relevance to China."

Again, Michael Martin in 2006, officiated at;
Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment Mr. Michéal Martin today (Friday 30th June 2006) opened IDA Ireland’s first office in China. Through this office, IDA Ireland will unlock a gateway for Chinese companies to expand and develop their businesses in Europe.

Our wonderful ex-leader Bertie in 2005
"China and Ireland share much in common, especially in terms of economic development. They will see a rosy prospect in bilateral cooperation, Ahern said in a speech Thursday."

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