Friday, April 11, 2008

Lemass Lessons for Brian Cowen

it's too early in the day at the Blasket, from our pol corr

We really must take serious note of Brian Cowen's mention of Sean Lemass. Is this a real signal of a break with the past? The Haughy/Ahern Dublin past? Recall that Lemass appointed young turks to first time cabinet posts - Haughey, Lenihan and promoted others such as Lynch and Blaney. Cowen should stamp his authority immediately and rid himself and the country of the likes of Dick Roche, Noel Cullen (pd traitor- not a good thing in Biffo's eyes), Seamus Brennan. Of course geographic concerns protect Corporal O'Dea and the nice Mr Martin.
With Enda at sea, now is the time to act. Bertie stifled his backbenchers - if Biffo can unleash their pent-up desire for power the up-coming elections may be very interesting.
Keep your enemies close. Watch Lenihan.

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