Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ciaran Cannon, not quite a cannon

"God you look great , Ciaran."

from the beermat of lockie in Bianconi's;

So it comes to this. The Progressive Democrats have a new leader. And what are his strengths? In his own words from 1987 to date he has worked in administration in planning departments and for a charity. He is a Member of B.O.M., Carrabane N.S., Scout Leader, Carrabane Scout Unit and was Chosen as one of the Galway People of the Year in March, 2002.

Achievements? I quote directly "
Ciaran and Mogie now issue regular newsletters updating the electorate on the progress of these issues" - he means Loughrea issues.

So. This is the end for the PDs. Poor Dessie O'Malley. Poor Mary Harney.

Fianna Fail and Brian Cowen now have two pet poodles - Ciaran Cannon and John Gormley.

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