Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Private Oxegen

A certain Grandad has me all nostalgic for the old days, and music. Maybe it's all this oxegen chat. Maybe we think that music only began recently in this country. So I went to one of my favourite nostalgia sites, Irish Showbands. All the pics come from there (as the watermark shows!). Anyway, there's Taste above. Go Rory, make my Ben Sherman sweat. Not that guitar was all we wanted, oh no.

Sunday afternoons in the Sportsman's Inn getting pissed and happy, and who was on stage? Stepaside of course. Ashford, Bonass and all. The Last Resort it wasn't.

Of course, if one wanted something else (yes that's Johnny Duhan), Granny was there.

And finally, for trippiness, but I could be mis-remembering, Jolyn Jackson and Supply Demand and Curve.

Ah, I may even start playing the old english guys.
And believe it or not, I do have both older and newer music. But you don't believe it.

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