Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Radovan Karadzic and Eddie Lenihan

from our entertainment corr brianog in Currans;

There is deep concern that the International Criminal Tribunal may have the wrong man. Can you tell the difference between Serbian Poet and Storyteller Radovan Karadzic and Kerry Poet and Storyteller, Eddie Lenihan?
Hopefully they have arrested the correct Mr. Lenihan.


Anonymous said...

Eddie Lenihan!! I'd almost forgotten about him... I used to have storytapes of his, never got tired of listening to them. I've never looked at a magpie or a hawthorn tree the same way since I discovered his stories.

Such a crying shame these stories don't get told more.

kerryview said...

tapes. wow. Eddie is rolled out whenever RTE need a professional culchie to explain the little people or fairy forts.