Thursday, October 29, 2009

National Day of Action

from stockie, still in club head bang bang tralee;

God the nostalgia is wonderful. Just like Johnny Cash's vid, Bob's brings those totem poles back - kerouac, ginsbeg, all the black and white grainy pixels of memory, all those shards of recognition of ambition and lack of ambition, all the would be's and could be's.

And all around us worker is set upon worker. National day of action my ass. Fight among yourselves as the Union bosses earn more than five times your wages - every day. And all those in positions of power, social partners. Not socialist partners you will note.

Of course I'll have another. Bird never flew on one wing. And a Black Bush - water no ice, thanks.


ian said...

Dean Moriarty would have coped OK in the Ireland of 2009!

Kerry said...

except, of course, no smoking in pubs.......