Friday, October 30, 2009

Drink at home, Drunk at home

It's a great way to travel

from seanie in parkers kilflynn;

My local is exactly 8.19 miles (13.2 dempsey ks) from my door, according to yahoo maps. It will take me 17 minutes driving it also says. It takes me about 25 in reality. There are no pubs, hotels, shebeens between me and my local. There are no Luas, Dart, Bus, NiteLink, Arrow transport facilities. There is one community bus (what an oxymoron) which passes the end of the lane twice a week - wednesday and friday. It goes to town at 10 am and returns at 2 o'clock in the afternoon (1400 dempsey time). And I would still be 4.26 miles (6.9 dempsey ks) from my local.

A taxi (hackney) to the local costs €20. Obviously that's €40 for the round trip.

So I can't have two pints over a couple of hours just to keep up with the local news, see who's dead, dying or just not very well at the moment.

Have a lemonade you cry. Over two hours I need lemonade or something other than my pint?

The christmas 45 games start soon. There will be fuck all people playing. All the older players gone, gone gone. Staying at home in front of a few turf sods.

Yes rural Ireland does exist.

But not if you have been driven around by 'private' gardai for twenty years, believing this is a 'knowledge economy' and at the bleedin edge of technology.

Minister Dempsey, you can go and .....................

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