Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ryanair 1 Panorama 0

from stockie in the castle bar;

The logos probably say it all. Ryanair - cheap, bright and in your face. Panorama - expensive, arty, slightly discreet. What in God's name has become of Panorama ? Once upon a time it was either World in Action or Panorama which investigated - really investigated - previously hidden stories. If you read papers you would read the Sunday Times edited by Harold Evans. Not the current rag.

So Michael O'Leary was set upon by a bluff, simpering, journo who looks as if he should be reporting on the local sheepdog trials. What did the team at Panorama think was going to be the outcome? It's utterly ridiculous.

Apparently Ryanair charges it's customers. Amazing. I travel and use Ryanair occasionally. No I don't really like the experience and sometimes I lose the old cool. But then I can't afford the price of the seat I woud really like - first class seat of course. How many times have you travelled in steerage to the US in the back of a smelly old Air Lingus bus? Bet you envied first class. But you couldn't afford it. The greater goal was to get to the US and come back again. Safely.

Panorama tells us that Ryanair sometimes lands it's customers up to 100k away from it's destination. I'm shocked. 60odd million people know this, apparently Panorama doesn't.

This little rant is not in favour of Ryanair - they can handle themselves. Thanks to radio, books and the internet I don't see as much TV as I used to. I only watched the programme to see if Panorama could land a punch. If this is the quality of investigative journalism on television I won't be watching.

Of course my TV licence does not cover the BBC. So I take it all back.

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