Friday, November 06, 2009

Beyonce a grand lump of a woman

from stockie at the bar in the listowel arms;

God I'm confused. Isn't Beyonce a grand lump of a woman? She'd be a great help at the milking. One man's cellulite is another man's fine thighs.

You'd fit ten Poshes in that red suit. What use would Posh be to me?

With the recession affecting the heating bill, I'd prefer Beyonce in the old leaba, complete with the fine thighs.

Oh it's not cellulite if it's on Beyonce?

We prefer the ladies to come upholstered.


Grandad said...

Grand turf cuttin' legs, I say.

Kerry said...

I think of her bringing milk to the creamery, creamery said...

she's the reason why I left lovely aul Lixnaw

Anonymous said...

come back eddie. st michael's green because it's only half finished.

Kerry said...

Eddie, Lixnaw is a poorer place. said...

thanks lads...I'll make a return journey the meantime I'll keep checkin' in with ye...glad I found this blog