Thursday, November 05, 2009

U2's Berlin Walls

Old East German Plasma with Old Rockers
-the only way to see U2

from stockie in speedy's moyvane;

So U2 are giving a free concert in Berlin. Is this some attempt at irony?

Four mini-songs.

Behind a new Berlin Wall.

It's free if you have a TV.

Will MTV be giving free advertising?

Go away U2. Way past your sell by.

btw Stockie not happy with the crap photo.


ian said...

It's not PC to criticize them. I made the mistake of doing so once and felt like a schoolboy rugby player with the ball suddenly being set upon by the Munster pack, the response was so fierce.

Kerry said...

Not PC? my god but I have always thought U2 to be nothing but a stadium band - muzak for lets pretend we know music people. Not PC? well that I'm afraid is a challenge. This is the sort of thing up with which I will not put.

oliversiblerxn said...
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oliversiblerxn said...

U2 is such agreat band. Dont fuzz