Sunday, November 01, 2009

Kerry Style Sets the Pace

from agnes at the bar in the white sands hotel;

Just because we are on the west coast doesn't that we are cut off from all the current trends, especially trends in models who are ready for the 21st century.

 Local Kerry agency Upfront bring us the wonderful news of the new Miss Barry's Bakery. Excellent stuff.

You may be in interested in the following pic from 1939. It shows the National Peanut Festival Queen for that year.

You are an intelligent reader (well you are reading this blog). Make up your own story.


zedeportugal said...

So this creation became a family business, with everyone playing a role in their production. We decided to call our company Barry’s Bakery, and set up our first manufacturing facility, the family garage.

You could not do this in our wonderfull hyper hygienic EU. There are for sure a dozen rules and regulations (at least!) that forbid setting up an alimentary industry in a garage.
One of these days they will establish on a directive the permitted and the forbidden ways to the Europeans defecate.

Barry B Read said...

Mightn't be the most stylish bread, but shur it makes up for it in taste !

The bakery is smack in the middle of the highest concentration of All-Ireland medals in the country, there must a secret ingredient !

Kerry said...

Barry B, barry's bread, some lee strand butter, a barry's tea. lovely. still wouldn't wanna be miss b.

Kerry said...

zedeportugal, lovely as portugal is, there are food establishments on the algarve I'd rather not see again. the bakery is still in the garage, long may it live, up the rock.

ian said...

I love the line at the bottom about the Miss Universe Kerry Final!

Kerry said...

ian - why have a kingdom when you can have a universe?