Monday, November 23, 2009

Do Women Fuck As Much As Men

from agnes wifiing at fels point;

Here I am sipping a nice Bombay, ice n water,  looking at the work of Daikichi Amano. Now, you could infer the obvious (women as objects etc.) but why bother - use your noggin.

I was thinking of all those bloggers who are so 'angry' with the world that they feel that by liberally peppering their prose with fucks and cunts they show how really angry they are. Paps excepted, he doesn't really mean it. Angry my ass. Read Kingsley Amis if you want to learn how to use your fucks. Or maybe even Larkin - or maybe his parents.

Just a face in the crowd, trying to stand out. Not even a body. And it will all be over soon.

Just one electricity strike shuts us all up.

Rightly fucked.


ian said...

Looks like the crew of The Flying Dutchman from The Pirates of the Caribbean - with a few orcs from Tolkien thrown in for good order!

kerryview said...

well done Ian! avoiding the main subject!

ian said...

So would you if you turned over and were confronted by Davy Jones' shipmates!