Friday, November 20, 2009

Art Imitating John and Edward ?

from agnes in front of the plasma in lord lucan;

There I was minding my own business having a small one at the bar when the plasma is turned up LOUD and all these real auld dubs, ya know wha I meanne, came pourin in, kids, grannies, you name it. Jedward comin on, apparently. "John and Edward, they're bleedin crap, roih? but you have to give it to the pair of fuckers, they give great entertainment. Sure the bleedin Boyzone were shite at the start too". God did I finish up quick and nipped back to the Ball Alley for a stiffener.

What's all this got to do with anything in my world?

Well I was checking out the latest trends in the art world (as you do in the Lord Lucan) and I came across Alexandra Falagara .

Alexandra Falagara is responsible for the high-haired youth. Louis Walsh is responsible for the high-haired youth.

Life imitating Art. Art imitating Life. Confusing.

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