Thursday, November 19, 2009

Girls Give a Lesson in Sportsmanship For Thierry Henry

from stockie in the laurels killarney;

Now let's be honest, I don't follow the English code, but every pub has a flat screen and I have two functioning eyes. Watching 22 boys playing with a ball whilst earning more than your average bank chairman is not that attractive to me.

Thierry Henry has an air of a good boy, the lad who the teacher took 'special' care of. Mammy's boy. But I can forgive him that.

Soccer is rotten, pure and simple. When a sport reaches the level that cheating, or at the very least a lack of sportsmaship, is almost condoned it is finished as a sport. Winning at all costs is not winning.

Some examples of sportsmanship;
a) Soccer (yes!) -  Nottingham Forest v Leicester City 2007
b) Golf  - Muirfield 1926
c) Golf - 1969 Ryder Cup
 I won't go on - google them if you want. Golf, snooker, tennis are among the sports that rely on sportsmanship (I know, I know).

I don't follow softball either, but the girls in the team in the video could teach Henry and all the other obscenely overpaid soccer 'stars' about sportsmanship and human dignity. Albeit that no-one was physically hurt in the Irish match.


One Man said...

Thierry Henry has already admitted that he pushed the ball with his hand. He is neither the referee nor a FIFA judge.
The referee should nullify the goal when he realised his mistake or the FIFA should decide the repetition of the game.
It’s not fair for Ireland, but on the other side is France and nothing will be done to make the wrong right. Want a bet?

Kerryview said...

I am only talking about sportsmanship. What the ref did is immaterial to me. He called it as he saw it. So should Henry. It's called sportsmanship, just like the vid I posted.
Why should I bet? If I foul in golf I should call my foul. I know golf is not football, but the principle is the same.
So kids now know they can win at ALL costs?
No I do no want a bet, thank you all the same.

Anonymous said...

It's how you feel at the end of the day is it? Well, sickened, is the answer to that one.
Interesting film all the same. Bit schmaltzy the way he told the story though.

Kerryview said...

> blackwatertown The narration is extremely schmaltzy I agree. But I'd prefer schmaltz to bad sportsmanship. I just feel sad for sport - winning at all or any cost is not sport.

ian said...

The Cidermen scored a freak goal in 2004 so allowed Plymouth to walk the ball to the other end and into the net.

Kerryview said...

lovely story. forget american schmaltz, wouldn't it be great to hear an ooooo arrrhhh commentary on this wonderful piece of sportsmanship?