Thursday, November 26, 2009

Flooding - Government Response

from loki in tomasins castlegregory;

My poor head is about to explode. Even the calming effect of Arthur G is not helping. What is this government doing about the flooding? Damn all. Where is the Army (182 deployed!!!!) and all the other resources available?
Save the banks immediately, oh yes. But small businesses, farmers, people who have been left homeless, they can wait.
Taoiseach's words to calm the storm.
What are Cowen's calming words? The Irish Times - "TAOISEACH BRIAN Cowen has described the flooding situation as an “ongoing emergency” which he predicted was likely to get worse in parts of the country". How very Obamaish, Clintonesque. It's going to get worse, thank you for lifting our spirits.
Hanafin suggests eating cake.
"The Minister for Social and Community Affairs, Mary Hanfin, has said there will be some element of means testing in the distribution of monies from the Government's hardship fund." - RTE. Means testing! €10million wouldn't cover the thick necks of the Fianna Fail front bench. How much will the means testing cost?

Surely this country is rapidly descending into a very dangerous place. The one and only thing it requires is leadership. We must be wary - times like these spawn unrest, left/right divisions and feelings within the citizenry that there is nothing left to do but revolt.

Don't bother looking at the opposition parties. They are just as useless.

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ian said...

Ah shure, isn't the Kingdom blessed in having the Healy-Raes to be looking after affairs for ye?