Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I'm an alcoholic and a gambler, giz a job

They shoot horses, don't they?
from loki on the high stool at tralee golf club;

During the depression people danced for days to win cash. Cash for food. Now of course our ballroom dancing is courtesy of z-listers on BBC (or equivalent American crap).

No. Now we are far more sophisticated than having our young people parade in front of hundreds of people. Why not parade them in front of hundreds of thousands, if not millions?

On The Apprentice English Steve announced (or was forced to announce) his travails with alcoholism and gambling. Great for the viewing figures. And apparently just the right qualifications (according to Gavin, the interviewer) for a potential apprentice to Bill. Steve the Warrior. A steady pair of hands at the wheel.

Obviously now Steve the Hulk will have to up his game. Maybe they are not his real arms - just prostheses? Or (as I suspect), Steve the Hulk is an android (very early type, possibly 1.012).

Who gives a fuck. I do. There are no jobs, so make fools of us. What next ? No need to answer, we all know.


ian said...

Do you think there was a universal sense of despair during the '30s? I'm encountering a whole lot of stuff amongst people that seems to have been stacking up for years

kerryview said...

When talking of history we must always take note we are referring to 'western' history. But I'm not clear on your point - do you mean that you feel that people feel a 30's style despair nowadays?

ian said...

I've no idea how people felt in the '30s - if they were living in a Hooverville, probably pretty awful - but I wonder if there was the same sense of isolation that seems to be felt among some people in south Dublin

GJ said...