Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Eyebrows Tell a Tale

from stockie in ulick's farranfore;

Unbelievable. There was I getting my haircut when, at end, she looked at me in the mirror. "Would you like me to trim your eyebrows?" WTF. I'm Groucho Marx now? Never before in the field of human hairdressing has a man been so shaken. "Even young men get it done". WTF. Now I'm in Boyzone.

I didn't get them trimmed. They look fine, to me. But now I wonder what I really look like. What is my image as seen by onlookers? As far as I am concerned I still am that whippersnappper in my twenties. Why, I even use a computer regularly.

Dare I eat a peach.


Grandad said...

At least they didn't offer to trim your nose and ear hairs?

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Lo, she is a terrible Goddess cuts my hair and always insists on trimming my eyebrows ..... I'm getting used to being browbeaten now .....

kerryview said...

>grandad. nose and ear? pubes next?
>daddy. you have a loyal maidservant