Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mark Little Leaves, But Only A Little

Mark Little's New Image

from Sean Ban in the abbey inn tralee;
Very parochial I know, but I see Mark Little has decided that TV is not the future of news and is heading into the murky waters of the digital age. "Being successful on telly takes away a bit of your humanity and you become a bit of a caricature", said the preppy Peter Pan of current affairs in the Irish Times.

Fair play to him. I'm sure RTE are happy that the average salary of has now gone down.

Wouldn't it be great if Gerry Ryan Tubridy, Creedon, Fanning, Marty and all those other past-sell-bys would decide to join the digital revolution too? Not that I listen anymore. But I do pay the licence fee.

A little p.s. Mark's brave decision is not all it seems to be.According to the IT article -"Little is taking leave of absence from RTÉ, so the television door isn’t closing for good".

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