Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sexual Assault, We're Sorry For Your Trouble

from agnes, livid, pure livid, having tea in the listowel arms;

Spot the difference.Pictured above left, Danny Foley, convicted of sexually assaulting a woman. Pictured above right, men (including priests) ogling women (labelled Lovely Girls).

John B. must be wincing in his grave. Listowel has not yet reached the 21st century, never mind the 20th. You may not know the story of Danny Foley, convicted of sexual assualt and sentenced to seven (7) years, five to be served in jail.

Convicted. By a jury. With CCTV evidence. Read it here.

In the court, just before the beak came out to pass sentence, an extraordinary event occurred. Up to fifty people approached the defendant, in the dock with two prison officers, and commiserated, even cried with him, Danny Foley. Included in the fifty was the parish priest of Castlegregory.

Fr Sean Sheehy, the Parish Priest of Castlegregory, said Mr Foley had the highest regard for women and didn’t have an abusive bone in his body. Of course A 'Parish Priest' would of course be considered an expert in the area of abuse. On newstalk this priest said the sentence was a miscarriage of justice. It was an 'alleged' assault. And this knowing of the guilty verdict.

The victim was not ignored, but she had to leave the courthouse by a side door about half an hour later, with a garda escort. Read it. She, the victim, left with a garda escort. She may, who knows, have to leave the area for good.

Rant, rave, rage all you want. This is the underbelly of polite society.


SM said...

I was disgusted to read this in the paper just now. I just can't believe this sort of bog ignorance is still so prevalent. So who is Danny Foley? Does he have political connections, is he from an influential family who everyone panders to like sycophants?

Ireland has a long long way to go before creeps like this are no longer.

Kerryview said...

Danny Foley is Everyman. This is the real Ireland.

Anonymous said...

this is completely disgusting. this is the kind of ireland that you would think died out with the magdalon laundries and the complete control of our country by the catholic church. i cant wait until that generation of fucked up, misogynist,and warped individuals are dead and buried.

jb said...

"i cant wait until that generation of fucked up, misogynist,and warped individuals are dead and buried"

The sad thing is - their children will probably do the same. said...

this is staggering....we need a Kerry scribe who will document this in song, play or story...

Anonymous said...

It is hard to believe in this day and age that a society can be so backward. 50 people shacking a guys hand for attacking a girl who. Shame on them and I ask why were they allowd mock the court in that way.
It is like something out of a movie and if we watched it we would be up in arms.
Shame shame shame on you all that this can go on in today's society.

Lorraine Dublin.

The Dog said...

This is like the Deep South in 1960's USA. The rest of the world was living in a different era yet you travel to a place where behaviour such as that carried out by Danny Foley is applauded.

Shame on each and every person who cheered him on.

Now as for the clergyman - don't get me started. A bishop resigned today for ignoring child abuse by clerics. Surely Fr Sheehy's superiors should suspend him for bringing the church into further disgrace.

kerryview said...

>jb: children? it's not their fault. a child is educated by the village
>eddie:now's your chance eddie
>the dog:1960s deep south? it's still there. sheehy? you mean suspend from a rope?

Anonymous said...

Sad and appalling.
As for the local priest - now suspended I understand - also appalling, yet somehow not at all surprising.
I knew some people in the area - very good people - and I like to think that of the 50 queuing up to commiserate with the convicted attacker, that few of them were women.
Thank goodness the Rape Crisis Centre exists to help victims whose suffering is deemed inconvenient.

Viagra said...

What compels individuals to do such things?!

Anonymous said...

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