Wednesday, January 06, 2010

My Path is Very Slippery - What can I do?

from loki in the station house, tralee;

Why is the council not gritting the footpaths on our estate or in our towns and cities?

Are people really asking this question?

The first thing you can do is wake up. This is supposed to be a Democracy and a Republic to boot. We are responsible for ourselves and each other. Why do people have to risk life and limb while trying to walk to the shops, especially old, weak people? Women with kids, men with kids, anyone walking from the bus to work.

Clean your frontage - your own frontage. Whether it be before a house, shop or even Garda Station. And what about Government and Local Offices? Outside hospitals? Are they clear? You know they are not.

It's ridiculous. Be responsible. Do it yourself. In many countries you must, by law, clear your frontage. just google "Who removes the snow from sidewalks".

As far as the roads are concerned, I will address that in a further post.

5 comments: said...

We're seeing the breakdown of the system...our county councils are unable to do their jobs and the lu-lu councillors are back in the days of Noddy and Legoland. We have to change from the bottom up — keep our own space in order and work from there. Anyone around Kenmare able to design a poster for the revolution?

Anonymous said...

What? Do it myself? Are you mad?
Next you'll be demanding I switch channel on the TV without a remote?
Crazy man.

Kerryview said...

@blackwatertown yes I am mad. I used to be young and liberal. Now I'm just mad. There is a difference.

Kerryview said...

@eddie breakdown of what system exactly my dear man. FF fucked up the councils when they abolished rates. said...

You're absolutely correct — axing the rates put the kybosh on the councils and left them without a source of income and dependent on The Department. I worked as an engineer in a couple of councils and had to deal with the change.