Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kerry Leads the World in Men's Fashion

from stockie in the bridge bar portmagee;

Well now, isn't it great to be in fashion - almost. This designer guy, wittily named Mjolk, is the cutting edge of fashion - see here or here.
But here the in the Kingdom we have been at the bleedin edge forever. Compare (him in pic) with me fein.
My shirt is baggy and plaid from Dunnes Homme Culchie Collection. The jeans (Celcius, Tralee) I wear are much longer than his, I admit, but they hide my socks, thanks be to god. Now I draw the line at his footwear. Mine are beautiful suede Rockports (cheapo cheapo at TKMaxx, Tralee). On second thoughts they look like his.

The hair, I'm afraid, I cannot copy.

If he had a bit of baling twine for his jeans I'd consider him a neighbours son.

So come to Kerry to see the next trend in fashion pour hommes.


ian said...

Those Danes know their Hiberno-English - Mjolk must be a phonetic rendition of 'me yolk' as in 'D'ye like me yolk or would ye prefer that yolk?' Every garment, and most other things, being conveniently covered by one term.

kerryview said...

he looks suspiciously like one of those quadrophenia teddy boys mentioned in your Alice and the hippies...

Ian Poulton said...

i thought he had more a 1980s New Romantic look! No use at all in a scrap!

kerryview said...

see what you mean - kinda dexie come on eileen....though I was a bit older by the 80's!