Friday, November 13, 2009

Revolting Teachers Revolting

from seanie in mccarthy's in finuge;

What are we to make of it? Teachers on strike? You will recall that not so many years ago teachers were also striking. That time they wanted 'parity' with the private sector.

Why there were students straight out of college earning kazillion €s, kids that these wonderful teachers had educated (obviously not english grammar teachers). Twenty year olds earning more than teachers. Can't be having that.

And lo there was Benchmarking, and God saw that it was good.

And now students are earning fuck all. Twenty year olds earning zilch, zilch with a mortgage and credit card debt.

And teachers? Well they can afford to strike. Safe, solid, boring and pensionable job. Strike.

What about some reverse Benchmarking?

Have a look at the latest figures from the OECD (2007);

Look at the position of Irish Teachers. If you want to drive yourself crackers visit the OECD site. Of course I assume you have plenty of time if you are a teacher, and even more time if you are unemployed.

Cartoon care of Al Benge

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