Thursday, February 04, 2010

Anti-Abortionists to Support the Big Match ?

Croke Park has a big match coming up - and a Rugby match at that. But the GAA will not have international rugby or soccer matches for much longer. Alternative sources of income will have to be found.

Why not have the Pro-Life Lobby sponsor the half-time entertainment? The idea comes to me because CBS have allowed an anti-abortionist group to advertise during the Super-Bowl. Such an ad costs millions of dollars. It features a wonderful athlete Tim Tebow, god love him. The doctors wanted his mum to have an abortion, but she didn't - hence Tim. Read all about this wonderful piece of mankind here.

So, I fully recommend that Youth Defence get in there quick - imagine the half time show we could have! It's not as if the GAA has too many scruples when it comes to sponsorship.

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Grandad said...

Just so long as they don't wheel out any of our politicians. That lot are the greatest argument in favour of abortion ever.