Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Really Flushing Euros Down the Toilet

from stockie in blind piper caherdaniel;

Imagine you are in charge of a town of 3,393 souls, all with bladders. Also imagine that the town has over 85 pubs, 2 hotels, many restaurants. Lots of places to relieve oneself. A town with surely enough toilets, all public, to cope.

Not if you are in charge of Listowel.

The good councillors installed a public toilet that will cost €600,000 in total. In 2008 toilet cost €37,950.

It earned €1,500.

Listowel Council, a mirror image to the Government.

3,393 people wouldn't piss enough to make a few bob for the council. Perhaps Nama could help by taking on the town's debt. After all there are supposed to be many speculators left with no pot to piss in


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Sorry, gotta go to the loo now .....

kerryview said...

> Daddy. Old age is a hard task master.