Monday, February 01, 2010

Dublin Speed Limit is the Bleedin Limit

from agnes in ashes, camp;

The amount of money spent on denying people to use cars is unbelievable - €40 million on the Road Safety Authority - see previous note. And now town and city councils are getting in on the spending. How much of Garda expenditure is car related? Not counting other Government departments.

For fuck's sake. If people are being injured and killed in towns and cities it's because;

a) Pedestrians Jay walk.

b) Pedestrians get pissed.

c) Pedestrians don't look.

d) Pedestrians ignore traffic lights

e) Pedestrians ignore zebra crossing rules.

f) Pedestrians don't use footpaths.

g) Pedestrians don't wear hi-vis clothing.

h) Pedestrians are soft and don't have built-in air bags (politicians excepted).

But who get's the blame? Motorists. Because Motorists are seen as a never ending source of revenue.

Vote Vote Vote.
Protest. Protest. Protest.

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